What is Glass Fusing?

Glass Fusing is a process of joining together of different glasses at high temperature, in a kiln. This process is take place between 700 °C to 830 °C.

Tack Fusing vs Full Fusing

There are different types of fusing, two of them are; tack and full. Tack Fusing refers to low temperature heating which different pieces of glass stick together but still retain their individual shapes. Full Fusing happens in high temperatures, in which different pieces merge smoothly into one another.

Glass Fusing is a form of art (and a great hobby!) that you can create endless glass figures and colorful mixes with different materials. Your imagination is the only limit of how many different version can occur.

Glass Fusing Starting Supplies

When you are ready for a new hobby challenge, then you need some supplies for glass fusing. In Prometheus Hobby, we provide different materials and items that you need on your journey.

Prometheus Hobby covers for your kiln, glass sheet, consumables, effetre glass frits and millefiore needs. Our tools will help you get started and you can always send us a message about your questions about where to start on glass fusing and what products do you need.

For the start you need;

  • Kiln Post
  • Carver/Probe Set
  • Glass Sheet
  • Some Frit & Millefiore (like Evil Eye)

And last but not least, you just need a perspective to start fusing glass and create your unique art for yourself and others.

What’s Next?

Your glass fusing journey starts now! It can be just a hobby or a start of a big company that sells amazing glass products. At Prometheus Hobby, you will find all of the required tools that you need. Start with selecting Glass Fusing category and select the tools you want!