Flameworking: Lampworking Tools for Beginners

Lampworking, also known as flameworking, is a process of melting the glass and re-shaping to create a bead and small glass objects. During the melting process, you can use a torch, and shape with tools or hand movements with the help of gravity. The same techniques have been used since its emergence, but the tools used have been modernized.
If you have a passion to start a lampworking, you need to some basic tools which are;

  • Bench: You need a place to work comfortably, so using the bench is a good start. This bench must have a heat-proof work surface.
  • Glass: You may prefer to work with a soft glass which is called Soda-Lime glass or with a hard glass which is also called Borosilicate glass.
  • Torch: When you set your workplace, now it is time to heat the glass with the help of a torch. This is a melting process to shape the glass.
  • Kiln: Kiln is used for the annealing process. It is cooled the object that you work on and stabilize at room temperature.
  • Reamer: This is a kind of cutting tool and you can drive through hot glass with it and make holes in your object.
  • In the shaping process, you can also use graphite pushes and graphite molds.
  • Tungsten Pics: It is a tool that is resistant to high temperatures. You can also drive a hole with it and also you can drag it on the work surface.
  • Claw Grabbers: You can grab and rotate your glass easily with a claw grabber.

In this whole process, it is important to work safely and not be hurt during the lampworking. Therefore, you need eye protection and you may use didymium glasses. Lampworking gloves are also needed to prevent burns. Furthermore, the lampworking apron can be used for protection from burns and injuries.