Wine Red 1729

Wine Red 1729
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Schauer jewelery enamel colors are suitable for copper, gold or silver pieces. If you want to enamel copper pieces, we recommend a copper of a perfect electrolytic quality. The thickness of the metal is a success factor during enamelling and we suggest that you use the optimum thickness of 3/10mm for small objects up to 6/10 for larger ones. Counter-enameling, which is the enameling on the back, is essential as it stabilizes the tension in the metal. 

The result depends on the metal used, but also on its previous treatment. Both sides of the copper plate must be cleaned before use, either with  Picklean®, or in a chemical process as follows: 

1. Put the copper plate in a solution of alcohol-vinegar and salt (1 spoon of salt to 1/4 liter of vinegar) for 15 minutes,

2. rinse thoroughly with water,

3. Rub with a lint-free cloth. The plate is now ready for enamelling.

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