Graphite Roller for Round Glass Beads Making

Graphite Roller for Round Glass Beads Making
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  • Модель: Roller-6-round-glass-beads
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  • 36.00€
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Теги: Graphite-Roller-for-Round-Glass-Beads-Making

New ergonomic lampwork bead roller / marver / shaper for round beads making. Made of graphite, light-weighted.

Six graduated sizes are:
- 19-17-15mm - with mandrel groove 2mm
- 25-23-21mm - with mandrel groove 2.2mm

The cavities position not only minimize the tool size, You can also make a few beads on the same mandrel shaping them with the roller and make the smallest distance between the beads.

Handle - steel with plastic cover

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