Metal Clay Tools for Beginners

Metal clay is a kind of art clay, it is also called Precious Metal Clay which is made from powdered metal mixed with water to create a soft clay. This clay is used to create jewelry and decorative objects. There are various types of metal clays such as silver, bronze, and copper clays. Each type has a unique structure, thus they are firing and melting at different temperatures. However, regardless of the type of clay, there are some basic tools you can work with.

Firstly, beginner-level people who start working with a metal clay should have a smooth, non-porous work surface. You can use a plastic, ceramic, or glass mat but a wood mat is not a good option.

Secondly, you need cooking oil (olive oil) to prevent sticking your metal clay.

The third one is for rolling up the metal clay. A cylinder about 6 inches long is needed which is smooth, rigid, and pore-free.

As a fourth step, you need to have some playing cards. You will use the cards to put on both sides of the clay as you roll.

Fifth is cutting the clay with a sharp edge. You can cut this soft clay to shape for the next step.

The sixth one is after shaping your clay, you may smooth the lines and edges with emery.

After finishing smoothing, you should leave your clay to dry. You can use a drying grid or you can leave it to dry naturally.

When your clay dries, you can continue to the last step which is firing your clay. So, you have done your first clay work and created a unique art for your taste.

What’s Next?

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