What is Enamelling?

Enamelling is a form of art which applying colored powdered glass into the surface of a metal. There are different types of enamelling techniques that focuses on different approach on creating an item. Mostly Cloissonne and Plique-a-Jour techniques are used in enamelling but there are different techniques like Torch Fired, Painting, Champleve, Basse-taille and Sgraffito.

Cloissonne Enamelling technique is usually used on copper objects where fine wires are used to delineate the decorative areas into which enamel paste is applied before the object is fired and polished.

Plique-a-Jour Enamelling is a vitreous enamelling technique where the enamel paste applied in cells without backing in the final product, so light can shine through the transparent or translucent enamel.

Enamelling Jewelery Art

Creating enamelled jewels is a great form of art that made by humans started centuries ago. Especially in Chinese dynasties and old Europe kingdoms are interested in this art; created epic products that are mostly found in different museums in our era.

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What’s Next?

Start with discovering enamelling products in Prometheus Hobby and if you need any help on where to start or what to do next, just message us. We will help you find your right equipment to get started and create epic results with your enamelling skills!