Double Helix Kalypso Rods

Double Helix Kalypso Rods
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Color Tips

Kalypso is designed to be a strong luster glass that also strikes.  In most applications, the strike occurs without any additional effort.  For best results, work Kalypso quite hot when you apply it to the mandrel.  This “resets” the Kalypso, allowing for a clean strike.  after the bead is shaped, allow the glass to cool until the glow is gone.  Then turn up your propane a bit, and pass the bead through the far reaches of the flame, giving it a light and gentle reduction.  Next, encase the bead, melting your clear in a neutral flame.  Take care to avoid burning off the metallic luster.   Melt the clear in using a not-to-intense flame.  The Kalypso should strike as the clear is melted in.

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