Safety Glasses and Shields

Eye Safety is Important!

You only have one set of eyes and if you are flameworking without proper eye protection, you are damaging them slowly whether you are working with soda-lime glass or borosilicate glass!

Only with proper eye protection you can;

  • Protect your eyes from radiation (UV and IR)
  • Protect your eyes from glass shards
  • See what you are really doing inside the flame by filtering out the sodium flare in soda-lime glass / intense flare of the molten glass in borosilicate.

The damage of UV and IR to the eyes are not detectable at the moment of exposure and the damage occur slowly, finally causing permanent eye damages that cause vision loss such as the glassblower’s cataract.

To protect your eyes, you should choose the correct lens for you;

  1. Didymium Lenses; They are perfect protection for glass artists who work with COE104 Glass (aka; Effetre, Murano, Soda-lime, Soft Glass etc.)
  2. Light/Dark Shade Lenses for Borosilicate;
                   - Light Shade; Perfect choice for glass artists who are working on small pieces of borosilicate glass or working mainly on colorless borosilicate glass pieces.

                   - Dark Share; Suitable for glass artists who are working on big borosilicate pieces such as statues or glass artists who mainly work with colored borosilicate glass.

Safety Shield for Borosilicate - Dark Shade - 17x17cm

Safety Shield for Borosilicate - Dark Shade - 17x17cm

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