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The SF series products are manufactured of metallic silver(not silver clay), just as jewellers do. Some of them--for example the SF-001; the ring loops-- are fine silver, SV990; the others, SV925. You could take these similar to the silver settings, findings which we are used to combine with our silver clays. A sample procedure for making a ring with SF001: 

  • Any design ring loop, choosen from the SF-001 group is shortened by cutting or opening the ends, to fit the desired ring size. (here we adjust it exactly to the right size, there will not be any shrinkage, because it is already metallic silver). 
  • A piece of silver clay is formed to be the main part of the ring, dried, filed, etc. 
  • After fixing this main piece to the ring loop by Paste Type, then dried and fired in the kiln, with torch or on stove. ( There are 2 options which could be choosen: If the main piece would be fixed to the opening of the loop, a constant size ring would be maintained. Contrary, if the opening of the loop would be filed, rounded and let it look towards the palm side of the finger, then the main piece fixed to the opposite side of the loop, and an adjustable ring for any size could be maintained). 

The advantages for using SF products are: 

  • Saving time: Our customers can use their time more freely for artistic part of the projects, 
  • New projects are possible: They will be able to perform many projects which are not possible, with silver clays, alone. 
  • SF products are are not fragile; can be annealed or strengthened very simply: The customers would not be concerned with breakability of their finished pieces which they have spent their valuable hours, putting their hearts in.(Especially with bracelets, we were facing this weakness of silver clays, frequently. Our students were not looking warm to making bracelets because of this reason and the cost as well. But after we have introduced SF’s , they are happy and we too). 
  • Neglecting the shrinkage: the SF products, do not shrink , because they are already metallic silver. So our customers wouldn’t face any surprising sizes, when they take out their works, from the kiln.

Tube Bails SV990 (5x30mm)

Tube Bails SV990 (5x30mm)

These tube bails are..

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